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I'm sure everyone like uniqueness, I choose to serve for Chubby shopper, because I am one of you too.I get the stock from several countries, like Cambodia (same with ZARA), Bangkok, Hongkong, and ETC. all the apparel product come with trendy, fancy and super fine quality. Do not hesitate to drop me a mail if you have special request! I hope I always be able to help you.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Brand New Catalogue ^^, Coming Soon.

Chubbydotcom Will officially launch our new catalogue on Coming Soon OCT. 

Stay your Support, keep on to be a cheerful chubby ^^  .

Hello , Wold. 
I was busy with photo-shooting, working , editing, eating, measuring , mus-icing in this two week.
Exhausted but satisfied to being myself .

Great to born in this world, ^^ hehe.

For the past 10 years ( or more than that) , everyone surround tried very hard to "plant" my discipline mindset for not to eat too much, diet ,diet , and diet. I am sorry to them.... the people  who are actually concern my health a lot. 
But , I am really happy , Now, or maybe more than now. 
Dear, everyone , if you happen to change, please change for yourself, prejudice to fat people always exist, just you are the one to learn filter and face to something call "cruel" , in fact, I don't care , so, listening yourself. Stay healthy, away from bad habit, why have to make "fat" an issue, we are not drug user, We deserve to get more respect. Am I right ? 

hehe, Think  and share your comment... ^^

Monday, September 6, 2010

MY Office Lady ^^

Fabulous OL
RM 65.00
B:48, W:50

Fabulous OL
Code:lmy008 + Accessories
RM 65.00
B:48 W: 50

Fabulous OL
Code: lmy006 + Accessories
RM 35.00

Fabulous OL
RM 55.00
B:46, W:50n

Fabulous OL
Code:lmy010 + Accessories
RM 45.00
B:48, W:50

Fabulous OL
Code: lmy032 + Accessories
RM 70.00
B:44, W:50, H:52

Fabulous OL ,
Code: lmy036
RM 60.00
B:48 , W: 52

Fabulous OL
Code:lmy012 (stretchable)
RM 75.00
B:42, W:40

Hey guys! I’m fat, you got any problems with that?!

To my dearest friends, being a fat girl is not that easy especially if you have to live in the society of skinny bone bag trend that keeps showing in every TV channels nowadays. Without saying any words, many biases and prejudices have drowned us just only from their insulting look. If there are any persons who can understand this kind of feeling, believe me, I’m one of them.
I have been a chubby girl since I was 10 years old, started from L, XL, and many stages that I have passed until I reach XXXL at this moment. Well, I have to admit that being too fat gives me an unhealthy appearance, but the worse thing is I can’t get any new clothes during seasonal event which makes me feel tired and bored to keep looking cool stuffs in department store like other girls.
Since I can’t reduce my weight to be that skinny, so I decided to live with it and try to look nice for whatever I am. I enrolled Make Up course to understand more about my face figure and started to shop around many shopping places. I used to go to Pasar (wet market), the clothes here are quite cheap but when it comes to quality, it hardly to say that it could satisfy me even in some level.
Honestly, for fat people, quality for the cloth is so important, it suppose to be more durable than normal clothes. And most of the cheap clothes are not 100% cotton made, color faded, bad stitches, etc. I also went to a big mall such as Isetan, but the prices of the cloth really freak me out.
Later, I came to know another brand start with “S” which I believe it’s another favorite brand for chubby girl due to affordable price, quite good quality range, and several designs to match with multiple race customers. I became their loyal customer for quite a while, until one day that the weakness of this brand came across to me.
In one freaking cold afternoon, I decided to wear a long sleeve cardigan that I just bought from this brand to attend the public class which has around 100 people attended. Majority of the class is lady, but I can still see 3 chubby girls among those crowds very clearly. Those 3 girls had the same cardigan with me, not just the same brand, but also same design and same color. No no no!!! Not just that, another embarrass situation is the speaker of this class also wore the same cardigan as us, 4 ladies. OMG!!! And believe me, this is not the first and the last, it will keep coming more and more for duplicate clothes situation.
From this repeatedly occurrence, I decided to find other ways to look nice in my own unique way. So I try to find an affordable price for big size cloth with limited import to create an outstanding style not for me, but also for other chubby girls who always face the same problem as me. I believe that I could help chubby people to have more confident with their body and can go anywhere else with better look, as I always wish to be one of that too.
Our stock that I offer here comes from several countries such as Cambodia (same as ZARA), Bangkok, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, and etc. All apparel products come with trendy and fancy style that can help you guys catch up with fashion trends. And as I’m one of the fat people, every clothes I will have to choose by myself, which I can guarantee the super fine quality of our products.
Let’s take a look with our sample clothes, for any inquiries, do not hesitate to drop me a mail. Or any special request or question, please don’t waste your time thinking alone, let me help you. Let’s look pretty together, build up our confident and change to the new person. I believe if we love and appreciate our body and appearance, no one can look down on you ever. Good luck and bless all of you!