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I'm sure everyone like uniqueness, I choose to serve for Chubby shopper, because I am one of you too.I get the stock from several countries, like Cambodia (same with ZARA), Bangkok, Hongkong, and ETC. all the apparel product come with trendy, fancy and super fine quality. Do not hesitate to drop me a mail if you have special request! I hope I always be able to help you.

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Monday, December 20, 2010

Brand New Catalouge with Xtra Xtra Discountable Item!

In this COming Xmas, Any plan to hang out? Dress Nice and  Date with somebody? 

FYI, Chubby.Com now extended our promotion until Next year, 20th of January. 

    Grab you Favorite cloth  hereFree Postage charge!  

2nd  onwardyou will  get  extra  30 % discount,    I will Give out brand  new Korea  Design Accessories For FREE. 

Take  you action now,  be  the special  someone in the Event! 

Code型号: lmy009 ( Unit存货:3)
Price价钱:RM62.00  RM 38.00

Code型号: lmy026 ( Unit存货:1)
 RM 50.00

Code型号: lmy017 ( Unit存货:3)Free Accessory 附送精美吊饰
Color颜色: Dark Green 暗青色/White with diamond square白色格子
Measurement尺寸: B胸部43/W腰围50/H臀部47
RM 38.00

Code型号: lmy008( Unit存货:4) Accessories Free附送大爱吊饰
Measurement尺寸:B48/W54/H50/L31 (XXL)
Price价钱:RM79.00  RM 55.00

Code型号: lmy015( Unit存货:2)
Color颜色: Light Brown浅棕/Pink粉红
Measurement尺寸: B胸部43/W腰围44/H臀部46
RM 28.00

Code型号: lmy022 ( Unit存货:1)Free Accessory 附送精美吊饰
Color颜色: Grey
Measurement尺寸: B胸部48/W腰围46/H臀部45
Price价钱:RM55.00  RM 38.00

 Code型号: lmy032 ( Unit存货:2)Free Accessory 附送精美吊饰
Color颜色: Navy Blue海军蓝
Measurement尺寸: B胸部45/W腰围50/H臀部52
Price价钱:RM70.00  RM 55.00

Code型号: lmy011( Unit存货:2) 
Color颜色: Dark Brown/Creamy white
Measurement尺寸:B44/W54/H50/L34 (XXL)
Price价钱:RM75.00  RM 60.00 

Code型号: lmy010 ( Unit存货:5)
Color颜色: Black&Grey黑灰
Measurement尺寸: B胸部48/W腰围46/H臀部45
Price价钱:RM45.00  RM 35.00

Code型号: lmy038( Unit存货:4)
Color颜色: Light Red Burgundy
Price价钱:RM55.00  RM 45.00 

Include the Singlet
 Code型号: lmy012 ( Unit存货:1)Free Accessory 附送精美吊饰
Color颜色: Black 
Measurement尺寸: B胸部45/W腰围42
Price价钱:RM75.00  RM 48.00

 Code型号: lmy024( Unit存货:1)  Superfine Material! 
Color颜色:Silver Black
Measurement尺寸:B44/W54/H50/L34 (XXXL) 
Price价钱:RM105.00  RM 80.00 

Code型号: lmy027( Unit存货:2)
Color颜色: Light Brown
Price价钱:RM75.00  RM 35.00 

Code型号: lmy015( Unit存货:4)
Color颜色:Baby Blue/Red Burgundy
Measurement尺寸:B48/W50 (XXL)
Price价钱:RM49.00  RM 45.00 
Code型号: lmy018( Unit存货:1)
Color颜色: Creamy Brown
Measurement尺寸:B50/W56/H50/L33 (XXL)
Price价钱:RM79.00  RM 65.00 

Code型号: lmy014 ( Unit存货:2)Free Accessory 附送精美吊饰
Color颜色: Sky Blue/浅蓝
Measurement尺寸: B胸部43/W腰围45/H臀部46
Price价钱:RM55.00  RM 38.00

Code型号: lmy030( Unit存货:2) 
Color颜色:Red Burgundy
Price价钱:RM75.00  RM 70.00 

Code型号: lmy034 ( Unit存货:1)Free Accessory 附送精美吊饰
Color颜色: Pink粉红
Measurement尺寸: B胸部42/W腰围44/H臀部44
Price价钱:RM55.00  RM 32.00

Code型号: lmy007 ( Unit存货:1)
Color颜色: Black黑色
Measurement尺寸: B胸部46/W腰围50
Price价钱:RM55.00  RM 30.00

Legging Up to Toe
 Code型号: lmy001/lmy002/lmy003 ( Unit存货:++)
Color颜色: lmy001(Black黑)/lmy002(silver grey银灰)/lmy003(Grey) 
Measurement尺寸: UP to XXXXL
Price价钱:RM39.00  RM 30.00

Stretchable Panty Hose 
 Code型号: lmy100 Unit存货:++)
Color颜色: Black黑
Measurement尺寸:Up to XXXL
Price价钱:RM39.00  RM 29.00

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Merry Xmas & Happy New Year!

First of all,  I have something to say! 
 (1)  For me, wear a outfit with better quality is a big deal, don't you? 
 (2)  Been unpleasant when invited by who and who to a fancy party, I do. Because I don't have a nice dress. 
 (3)  The cutie tiny kids call me "auntie" , arrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 
 (4)  Same question during some special occasion.  "where is your boy friend?"/"not married yet?" 

Again, I will have to confront  this all in this coming Xmas and New Year soon. 
At least, (1) and (2) , I got solution for this two. 
The rest is cruel but .....no choice. 

hehe, are you facing the same thing too?

Anyway , Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to my  lovely customer.  

Monday, December 6, 2010

XMAS SALEs NOW! Get "me" home ^^

Warm Greeting in Advance to  all the visitor  and Customer. 

In this COming Xmas, Any plan to hang out? Dress Nice and  Date with somebody? 

Hehe, I  Wish you  all the best too. 

Grab you Favorite cloth  here, Free Postage charge!  2nd  onward, you will  get  extra  30 % discount,    I will Give out brand  new Korea  Design Accessories For FREE. 

Take  you action now,  be  the special  someone in the Event! 

" For  Early Bird, YOU will have another  Xmas Present from me"